The calendar

The "Airliner Wallcalendar 2015" was our first project. Back then, we designed a calendar only for us and for friends, without even thinking of a possible commercial success. Over the past years, more and more people were interrested in getting one of our DIN A 3 wallcalendars.


Picture quality and prints improved, so we are ready now to start a commercial business in 2018. With ISBN-numbers already ordered, we will publish not only one, but two calendars for this season, available in local book stores as well as on amazon.

Amongst the newest version of our Airliners Calendar, we will also honor the "Queen Of Skies" by publishing a Boeing 747 Jumbojet Calendar!

Please klick below, to find out more about our past and present projects.


This season, the calendars are not only available in our shop, but also in selected book stores and aviation shops listed below as well as Amazon:

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